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List of Schools In Canada That Offers Scholarships For Masters Students

Scholarships For Masters Students


List of Schools In Canada That Offers Scholarships For Masters Students

International students who want to continue their education in Canada and are looking for schools that offer them scholarships. Studying abroad can be quite expensive, and international students feel that they cannot afford it. Therefore, they are looking for schools in Canada that offer scholarships for master’s students and want to apply for them.

In this article, we will go over the schools in Canada that award scholarships and their requirements. Based on the requirements, international students can see which scholarships they are eligible for and which schools they can apply to.

Ontario Graduate Scholarships.

The Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) is a merit-based scholarship sponsored by the provincial government to support academic excellence at the master’s and doctoral levels. This offer is also available to international students. As an international student, you should know these points before you apply;

  • The value of the scholarship is $15,000 per year;
  • The minimum duration of the scholarship is two consecutive semesters;
  • You must be an international student studying in Ontario with a study permit to be eligible for this scholarship.

To be eligible, you should have an academic score that is up to 30-50% of the score set by the school; this should be evident on your transcripts. You should also have done good research and be able to provide evidence of this. Such evidence includes programs, publications, seminars, etc. In addition, it is an advantage if you have leadership skills. If you have ever held a leadership position in any capacity, you should indicate this on your application.

Canada Graduate Fellowships

The goal of the Canada Graduate Fellowship is to enhance research skills and train highly qualified personnel to improve students’ research abilities. However, there are some things you should be aware of;

Simon Fraser University Financial Aid and Awards.

This is a merit-based scholarship for international students who have excelled in their previous program of study. However, there is also a scholarship for international students. However, you must qualify and meet the following requirements;

  • A minimum CGPA of 3.00 at SFU (this is waived for students in their first semester at SFU).
  • You must be enrolled full-time in an approved degree program unless otherwise specified.
  • You must have demonstrated financial need (as assessed by SFU).

University of Calgary Graduate Scholarships.

International students are eligible to apply for this type of scholarship and as with the other scholarships, certain requirements apply. These include;

  • You can apply for scholarships after you have submitted an application for admission and received a University of Calgary student number;
  • Scholarship amounts range from $1,000 to $40,000 and cover various fields of study;
  • You must apply for graduate scholarships;
    qualification is not automatic.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship.

This scholarship was added to the system by the Canadian government. It was introduced to retain highly qualified graduate students. It is also intended to bring Canada back to the top of the global rankings. In addition, as with all other scholarships, there are eligibility requirements. These include;

  • The fact that you should be pursuing a Ph.D. program at a Canadian university;
  • Also, the Canadian university must nominate you for the scholarship;
  • In addition, the scholarship is worth $50000 per year for three years.

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