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Simple Steps to Securing a Job in Canada

securing a job in Canada


Simple Steps to Securing a Job in Canada

Simple steps to securing a job in Canada

Do you want to find a job in Canada, work here and live here permanently? Finding a job in Canada can be quite easy or very difficult, depending on the steps you take or the guidance you follow. However, the first step to making your job search in Canada as easy as possible is to know what jobs are in demand and whether or not your qualifications qualify you for the job on offer.

One thing you should not do is pay someone to help you find a job in Canada. Why pay someone when you can do it yourself or find so many job placement companies and websites that can help you without charging a dollar. In this article, we have presented the strategies you need to find a job in Canada.

Normally, you would have no problem finding a job in Canada quickly if you have the right credentials, work experience, proof of financial resources, and so on. But competition for every job opening has increased, which means you need a little more than your competitors to stand a chance.

How to secure a job in Canada before your competitors.

Every year there are thousands of job vacancies in Canada, and thousands of immigrants are invited to fill these vacancies, so the fight for a job in Canada is very tough. To stay ahead of the game, you need to know what your competitors have, and know the right procedures and follow them accordingly. Here are the strategies you need.

Simple steps to securing a job in Canada

  • Gain relevant work experience

This is very important to get a job in a competitive job market. It is not enough to have the right number of years of work experience, you need to make sure that you have relevant work experience in your profession. So gain more experience in your career field, even if it means you won’t get paid for it, because experience counts, especially when you’re applying for a job in Canada.

  • Update your resume constantly

This is an important step that many people neglect. If you are looking for a job in Canada, you need to make sure that your resume is up to date. This is a very simple step, but very important when looking for a job because it means that you are constantly improving yourself and gaining more experience. If you are still in your current job or have just completed a volunteer position, you should add this to your list. Get good job references from your employers to follow up with employees. This will increase your chances of finding a job.

  • Use a customized cover letter for each company you apply to.

Once you have decided on a company or found the right job to apply to, the next step is to send out cover letters, resumes, etc. The mistake most job seekers make is applying to different jobs or companies with the same cover letter and ideas, which makes their application look spammy.

It’s a good idea to use a different cover letter for each company you apply to that relates to the job being advertised. Try to find out what each company requires from their applicants and see if you fit the profile or meet the requirements. This way, you can write a unique and relevant cover letter for each company you apply to.

  • Take the help of recruiters.

Most companies only rely on the services of recruiters to find their employees. If you apply directly, you will most likely not be accepted. If, based on your research, you are sure that the company you want to apply to accepts direct applications from individuals, then by all means apply. However, many companies, especially in Canada, hire recruiters to help them find the right applicants. Therefore, it is important that you find a good website for recruiters and companies in Canada and sign up there.

Here Are Some of the Best International Recruitment Agencies in Canada

  1. Global Hire in Calgary 
  2. Hays Recruitment Canada in Calgary 
  3. Quebec International in Quebec 
  4. Cowan International in Montreal 
  5. Renard International in Toronto 
  6. Hire Immigrants in Toronto 
  7. Alliance Online in Vancouver 
  8. Outpost Recruitment in Vancouver 
  9. Work Global Canada in Newfoundland and Labrador 
  10. IIERC in Alberta 

Most of these recruitment agencies specialise in certain work fields or professions, which means they provide jobs relating to only that field. Do well to find the right recruitment company to help you out, and some you don’t even have to pay them a dine while some collect some percentage of your first salary.

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