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Top Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada that Are In-Demand

Jobs in Canada that Are In-Demand


Top Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada that Are In-Demand

There is no better way to move to Canada than to get a job offer. If you have a valuable qualification, there is already a place for you in Canada, and it is even better if your qualification is in high demand, because then your immigration process will be a roller coaster ride and very easy.

Canada places a high value on skilled immigrants, and that is the backbone of immigration. In an effort to improve the nation’s economy, improve the country, etc. Canada has opened its doors to immigrants from all over the world, giving everyone a chance to live, work and settle permanently in Canada.

Skilled tradesmen are people with special skills and knowledge in a particular profession who have the opportunity to work with their hands and earn a lot of money every day. A skilled trader can be an electrician, a cook, a nurse, a sales representative, etc., basically anyone who has specialized knowledge in a particular profession. As a skilled trader, you have many opportunities to immigrate to Canada even if you do not have a college degree or a job offer.

However, there are so many skilled traders looking to move to Canada just like you, so having a job offer can give you added bonus and an edge over other applicants.

Programs that Would Help You Move to Canada As A Skilled Trader

Since you already have the qualifications needed in Canada, moving to Canada will be much easier for you. Canadian provinces have different needs for immigrants. Some have a greater need for immigrants with painting skills, caregivers, cooks or heavy equipment mechanics, etc., depending on the occupational area that has a shortage of workers.

The Canadian government has also established numerous programs mainly aimed at bringing skilled professionals into the country to fill vacancies. One of these programs is the Federal Killed Trades Worker Program, which is part of the Canada Express Entry system.

Under Express Entry, immigrants are sponsored or invited to apply for the federal skilled worker program, immigrate, and obtain permanent residency in Canada. Applicants receive points based on some factors such as age, education, work experience, etc. The points help them to rank and if you are one of those who reach the minimum score, you will receive an invitation to immigrate to Canada.

Another good way to immigrate is to apply directly to a Canadian province. This way you can use the Provincial Nominee Program of the province you have chosen or where there is a need for your specific qualification. Each province establishes a separate program that acts as a subcategory of its provincial program and is designed to admit only immigrants with the right profile and qualifications that are currently needed in the province. An example of such a category is Ontario Skilled Trade Stream.

Top Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada that Are In-Demand

  • Construction Manager -: Average hourly wage: $40
  • Power Line Technician -: Average hourly wage: $38.46
  • Oil and Gas Driller -: Average hourly wage: $38
  • Pipefitter -: Average hourly wage: $36
  • Industrial Electrician -: Average hourly wage: $33.19
  • HVAC Mechanic : Average hourly wage: $31.75
  • Residential or Commercial Electrician : Average hourly wage: $32
  • Heavy Duty Mechanic -: Average hourly wage: $32
  • Plumber -: Average hourly wage: $30
  • Civil Engineering Technician -: Average hourly wage: $28.50
  • Carpenter -: Average hourly wage: $25
  • Welder -: Average hourly wage: $25
  • Automotive Mechanic -: Average hourly wage: $24

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